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“Homeopathic treatment has made a huge difference, not only to the children's ADHD but to their general health. It’s more than I could ever have hoped for. Within a month we began to see a difference and now, several months into the treatment, my daughter is more organised and can follow instructions. My son’s meltdowns have stopped and he’s able to explain how he feels using words."

Mum of David, who has autism and ADHD, and Cathy, who has ADHD

“It’s like we’ve got the son he always should have been. The homeopathy has helped with everything - his appetite, his growth, his maturity levels. Before, it was like his mind was racing so much that he couldn’t control himself. Now he can regulate his own moods. I used to worry about him so much. But now I feel he’s going to be OK.”

Mum of 16 year old Ashley, who has autism and ADHD

Philippa is not only hugely knowledgeable with far reaching experience, but she is kind, approachable, calm and incredibly insightful. She has treated myself and several of my children with astonishing success.
My daughter has suffered with dreadful hay fever for several years and after being treated by Philippa in the spring she was symptom free for the rest of the summer. It is difficult to put into words the relief and calm that provided for her!
Another daughter suffered from erythema nodosum for 7 weeks and had endured hospitalisation, two courses of strong steroids and was on crutches. Within a week of being treated by Philippa the rashes and swellings had disappeared. It was wonderful!
It is not only physical symptoms that can be treated by Philippa but also emotional. She has helped us on many occasions and her wisdom together with the remedies make for successful outcomes and we cannot recommend her highly enough.

Treating all the family

 I am so much improved… I have more energy, I can think again and put my ideas into order, I feel calmer, in fact I haven’t felt this calm for a long time. 

client with long-COVID

After nearly 7 months of suffering with long term Covid symptoms, breathlessness, fatigue, chest pain, brain fog and muscle pain, I started taking the  homeopathic remedy. Within a few days I noticed a difference. My fatigue lifted and my head cleared. It was the first time in months I had days where I felt almost normal.

client with long-COVID

You've changed my life. I cried through most of our first session. I don't need to cry now because I feel mostly pretty good. There's more laughter now.

client with long-COVID

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