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The ASD Pod Project

Collecting information about what helps

This project has been created because homeopaths are  seeing more and more people with autism who want help. We need to document  what patients want help with, and how effective that help is.

What is the ASD Pod?

The ASD Pod is a  group of experienced homeopaths all specialising in supporting families with children with autism.

What is the project?

We are all asking our patients to fill two questionnaires when they first come to see us, and every 3 months. One questionnaire is the ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist); the other one asks you to describe three things you want help with, and rate them on a scale of 0-5. We can then collectively measure how helpful homeopathic treatment is over time.

How will it be helpful?

By joining together, we the homeopaths, and you, the families, can provide useful information about the value of homeopathy for those with autism.

How can I help?

By coming to see me, and agreeing to complete the questionnaires.

I want to know more

Get in touch. I'm looking forward to talking to you:

The ASD Pod Project: Services
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