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Homeopathy Research

I feel strongly that we should be documenting what we do as homeopaths, so that people can better know what to expect from homeopathic treatment. However it's not that simple! This page documents my research endeavours, trying to navigate the tricky path between good quality science, and fidelity to homeopathic principles.

Talking about Homeopathy Research

The STAR Project

The STAR project was all about making life easier for those with ADHD by testing treatments as experienced in real life clinical practice, to see whether they are helpful.

First we recruited a cohort of families with ADHD, and asked them to complete a questionnaire. 

Then we randomly offered some of them treatment by homeopaths, and some of them treatment by nutritional therapists. 

We found treatment by homeopaths was really helpful for children's emotional dysregulation - that means the temper tantrums, the tears, anxiety and the mood swings.

Treatment by nutritional therapists was really helpful for children's restlessness and inattention. 

Read the full article here.

A comparative case series treating children with ADHD

20 children received homeopathic treatment for a year each.  

25% saw really big improvements; 50% saw moderate improvements, and 25% didn't see much improvement. You can read about the study here. And read some individual case examples here and here 

Homeopathy Research: FAQ
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